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Jazz on a Winter's Weekend 2015 - Talks and Art

This content relates to a historical event in our Archive. It is preserved here for reference.

Jeremy Price "Jazz in the halls of classical music, friend or foe?"

Saturday 1.15pm-2.15pm The jazz course at the Birmingham Conservatoire was founded and added to the curriculum in 1999. Fresh from his gig with Jump Monk and before he leads

 out the BCJO for their concert on Sunday, Jeremy will talk about how the jazz course operates and fits into the 

largely classical 
music environment.

He will also give a mention to some of some of the colleges’ more illustrious tutors and alumni.

Tony Dudley-Evans "The future of jazz promotion in the UK"

Sunday 1.15pm-2.15pm Tony, jazz adviser to Jazzlines at 
Birmingham Town Hall/Symphony Hall and the Programme Adviser to the Cheltenham Jazz Festival, is an influential voice in the jazz community and one of the prime movers in the recently formed Jazz Promotion Network. He will address the issues of promotion, touring and the relationship between festivals and year round promotion. He will also touch on the sometimes tricky interface between promoters and musicians/bands and the currently hotly debated 
future of Jazz Services since the Arts Council of England’s decision to withdraw its funding.

Venue may be changed subject to seating demand. Please remember you can order a sandwich lunch in advance via Hotel Reception to pick up prior to the talks. Admission free but please pick up a ticket from the Club Desk in advance so we can ensure sufficient seating.

John Zehentner and Gordon Humphreys, Richmond Suite

A two man show of work by two of the North’s leading artists. John Zehentner has been artist- in-residence at this festival for several years and continues to flourish 
in the local art scene including the West Lancs Open Exhibition and the recent Southport Arts Festival. Co-exhibitor is Gordon Humphreys, a familiar face at our event through his work with the Wigan jazz scene. Gordon has exhibited his work throughout the North West and further afield, including Liverpool’s Walker, Bluecoat, Hanover & Williamson Art Galleries, and a solo exhibition at the Godfrey Pilkington Gallery, St. Helens.

Time & Tide: Susan Corcoran, Graeme Wilson, Dave Webster and John Corcoran, Osborne 3 Suite

Sue, Graeme and Dave all attended Southport School of Art during the 1960s and all have had successful commercially creative careers. They now enjoy making art without the pressure of deadlines. Previously Graeme, Dave and John exhibited together in Liverpool, so this new project with John’s daughter continues their creative journey. Exhibits will feature jazz inspired work, with some inexpensive prints for sale.

Sue’s ‘Jazz Hands’ painting was selected for this programme’s front cover and will be on display as part of the exhibition. She has worked in commercial interior design, graphic arts and latterly built a custom embroidery business. Sue was a founder member of the SMJ’s managing group, designer of the club logo and festival title brand.

Graeme ran a creative printing business for 41 years, specialising in large format images on unusual materials for market-leading organisations. He has a lifelong interest in the sea and maritime themes.

Dave is a Liverpool-based sculptor, producing well-recognised pieces such as The Beatles statues which adorn the Hard Day’s Night Hotel. He has developed a number of successful exhibitions, including ‘A Question of Evolution’ in Liverpool One. Since retirement, Dave has resumed painting inspired by his fascination by the sea, sailing and ecology.

John, Sue’s late father, was a well-known Merseyside marine and landscape artist exhibiting at the Royal Society of Marine Artists, Liverpool Walker Art Gallery, as well as presenting various one-man exhibitions. He was a popular teacher and demonstrator on the North-West art club circuit.

Photographs and Paintings, Balmoral Suite Bar Area

Works from the private collection of festival director Geoff Matthews including work by William Ellis, Robert Burns, the late Paul Bentley, John Corcoran, John Zehentner and Gordon Humphreys.